This website was originally inspired by a post by dancingbarefoot and incorporated into a website started by steelbreeze. We wanted to provide a central resource for machine-knitting patterns and techniques. After all, why should hand-knitters and crocheters get all the fun?!

New to machine knitting? Check out the training, manuals and maintenance pages.

To submit anything or report broken links, please e-mail: stitches (at) needlesofsteel (dot) org (dot) uk. I am happy to host your personal patterns and articles as HTML or as PDFs in perpetuity, free of charge, if you would like to share your expertise but do not have a website or blog. Please get in touch if so! You can also contact me on Ravelry (steelbreeze)

Please note: some patterns are now only accessible via the Wayback machine; pictures or links may no longer work. These links are provided as-is.

Please check back frequently, as this is a work-in-progress!

Please note, if you have shared something publicly online then it is considered fair game and may turn up (as a link, not the content) on this site. If this is an issue and you wish for the link to be removed, (a) please secure your stuff online and (b) get in touch with me on email - more than happy to delete links if I am made aware of them.
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