Machine: Legare 400 with 60/30

Yarn: almost any sock yarn

  1. With the cylinder dial about 4th line down from the top and the ribber dial about 1/2 way after scrap is being knit, place ribber in place, and knit a few rounds to be sure that all needles are knitting.
  2. Now at the back right 'hash mark' change to sock yarn.
  3. Knit one round on ribber & cylinder needles.
  4. With the yarn carrier at the front right hash mark, put the ribber switch out of work position, knit 2 rounds and when the yarn carrier is at the right front hash mark, put the ribber back into work position (if you're unsure what that position is, check your manual).
  5. Knit 70 rounds stop the yarn carrier a little before the back right hash mark, change the cylinder dial to 3rd line from the top.
  6. Now, starting at the back right hash mark on the right side, start putting cylinder needles in 1/2 of the cylinder.
  7. Starting at the first ribber needle that has a cylinder needle below it, take the ribber needle & transfer the stitch to the cylinder.
  8. Continue to the last ribber needle that has a cylinder needle beneath it - now slowly crank over enough to put the rest of the cylinder needles in the cylinder & then transfer the rest of the ribber needles to the cylinder & remove the ribber.
  9. Knit 20 rounds stopping yarn carrier at the front of the cylinder, put the 1/2 back needles out of work at this time, I place 3 forks with weights on the front stitches to hold down the work.
  10. Now short row the heel starting at the right with 2 needles out of work, knit to left; 2 needles out of work, then continue short-rowing 1 stitch at a time until the needles between the front hash marks are only left in work position.
  11. Return the needles to work 1 stitch at a time. I will move the forks up as needed when the stitches do not want to knit off. Heel done.
  12. Now push back needles into work being sure that all latches are OPEN.
  13. Knit 60 rounds, and then do the toe same as the heel.
  14. When the toe is done, I stop at the back right hash mark & change back to scrap yarn & knit about 8 or 9 rounds & drop the sock off.

Submitted by Judi Meissner/Knox, IN

Any additional questions: email me privately: jmeissner (at) hughes (dot) net